"Dramatic is the key word here. The energy pulses, snaps and crackles "
-Terry Wiltz, Chicago Tribune









These outtakes do not appear in whole or in part in SlamNation and are offered only as a promotion for the film. To get the full experience, buy the SlamNation video.

Lisa, Team New York

Lisa King represents Team Boston at Portland National Slam.
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Jessica Care Moore, Team New York

Jessica Care Moore of the All-Star New York Team performs at the Finals of the National Poetry Slam in Portland, Oregon.
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Rita Parrish
Rita Parrish of Team Portland gets erotic laughs in her hometown.
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PSI is conceived
In this mini-documentary, witness how a board game
transforms a grass roots arts movement into an institution:

Poetry Slam Incorporated is conceived at the SlamMasters
meeting in Portland, 1996.

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Phil West

Phil West, of Team Austin, lets us know what he's
been up to since High School.

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Wammo at the Finals

Wammo, Team Austin, at the Finals - "Too Much Light in This Bar"
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Sara Holbrook, Team Cleveland

Sara Holbrook, Team Cleveland - "Chicks Up Front"
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Asheville at the Opening Ceremonies

Alan Wolfe and Team Asheville perform the original, "The Points are not the Point, the Point is Poetry" at the Portland Opening Ceremonies.
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Ngoma, Team Connecticut

Ngoma, Team Connecticut - "Paradigm Shift" Perhaps one of the most well-covered performances in Portland. How many camera angles can you count?
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Daniel McGinn, Team Los Angeles

Daniel McGinn, Team Los Angeles - "The Color of Cody" This soft-spoken style is becoming an endangered species, as slammers discover that more volume tends to increase scores.
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  Saul Williams

Saul Williams wins the Rap Slam, one of the day events at the Portland Nationals.
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Providence Duet

Another reason why Team Providence won in Portland: Bill MacMillan and Corey Cokes performing "Main Street"
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